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Friends to care which was started by a group of friends on Jan 2006, has about 50 caring hearts (members) now.

It is tragically true that, financial crisis of the families stops the kids in our society from getting education. This is plainly visible mostly in villages. Having seen that, with a little thirst for education for the needy, FECT extends a helping arm to them. It requires great care to identify them, we are proud of being able to fulfill a part of this overwhelming need. Our sponsored kids are jubilantly excited when we help them.

Till now we have identified more than 400 rose buds with good academic records, who were about to stop their education due to lack of financial support. We are satisfied with what we have achieved in this small period of time. By Gods grace, we will expand our self and serve the needy.

FECT urge many more peoples to join hands with this kind of charity work and we, FECT members strongly say that this is one of the important social responsibilities we have.

FECT is a government registered organization and we individuals proud ourselves to start with vision which has self-belief and continue to progress in all the way possible.

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our story